Guard Rolling

Bought bigger wheels and the tyre are rubbing? You probably need the guards rolled. The Beyond Wheelz team has heaps of experience rolling guards without any paint chips or cracks, and always do the best job we can on every car!

Everyone loves the flush fitment look, but there’s a limit you can’t get past without tyre rub. Today it’s all about wheel fitment, as you push the limits of fitment further and further you will come across the problem of tyres rubbing on the inner guard of the car. We reshape the steel so there’s no more scraping on your tyres.

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Tyre Services

Fitting & Balancing

We have the equipment on site to fit tyres onto wheels up to 22″ in diameter. Our equipment is high quality and our wheel technicians have a lot of experience fitting new and used tyres for many hundred cars.

Unbalanced wheels usually cause faster tyre wear, and can even do long term damage to your steering, struts and shock absorbers. It’s really important to get this right, and at Beyond Wheelz we take best care in ensuring every wheel is perfect before it’s installed on the car, with industry standard high quality steel weights.

Tyre Wear Inspection

Bald tyres kill. Safe tyres are the most important commonly ignored part of regular vehicle maintenance.

Most people know about the wear indicator along the tread of the tyres. To pass a WOF you need at least 1.5-2mm of tread above the indicators, but for best safety and performance you’ll want to replace them before then. Visually check the wear on your tyres every few weeks, and make sure you check the inside edge of the tyres too – they often wear faster than the outside. If this is the case it’s probably an alignment or balancing issue – we can help!

Puncture Repairs

Some punctures can’t be repaired. But most can, if you get them off the car quick enough. Put your spare tyre on then come straight to Beyond Wheelz! We extract the puncture and seal the hole with a plug – you’ll be back on the road in no time.

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Brake Pad & Brake Rotor Replacement

A lot of things affect how fast your breaks wear. How hard you treat them is a big one. Most of the time, your brake pads will last you between 40-90,000km. Your front pads generally wear faster than the rears – this is just the way it is.

A little bit of brake squeak after a cold wet night is probably no problem. If your brakes squeak regularly, come see us. If they scream, come see us right now. This is the warning built into your break pads that they’re nearing the end of their life and it’s time to swap them out.

The good news is that brake pads are actually quite cheap to replace. Most Japanese cars have cheap-but-effective semi-metallic brake pads available as well as the more expensive ceramic option required by many European and luxury USA models. If you don’t need premium pads, we can change them out for you for $80 (down from our usual $110) if you use this link to Enquire Now. Premium pads available too – ask us for a quote 09 276 6888.

Over time your rotors will wear too, warping or cracking under the constant brake pressure. We recommend replacing rotors rather than machining them – the cost isn’t much higher and you get a much more reliable result.

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Wheel Alignment

Regular alignments don’t cost you anything – they save you money. And a well aligned car is much more comfortable to drive. We recommend an alignment every 6 months or 10,000km. Ask us about getting a rotation done at the same time to maximise tyre life.

When wheels are aligned properly, your tyres wear less quickly, meaning you get a lot more mileage from them. Just a little problem in alignment can wear a small strip of your tyre extremely fast, and a tyre is only as good as its most worn area! It’s even worse if you’re buying high quality tyres and relying on the factory warranty – poor alignment is considered a lack of basic car maintenance and can sometimes void the warranty!

You’ll also get better fuel mileage, because there’s less resistance as a result of less friction. The engine doesn’t have to put as much work into moving the car forward and so uses less gas. With the price of 91 already sky high and only predicted to go up, that can only be a good thing.

Our alignments are $85, or just $60 if you Enquire Now through the website. We also do discounts when you’re getting other work done – so make sure to ask!


Whether you’re on springs, coils, or airbags, good suspension is the most important part of your car for your safety, bar high quality tyres with good tread.

Suspension is also a great cost effective modification to the car. Changing out springs to lower your car can cost as little as $500 – with great effect on the performance and appearance of the vehicle.

Even if you’re not interested in changing the height of your car, your suspension will wear out over time. There’s often no way to tell without getting in behind the wheels and inspecting it.

Shock Absorbers
The factory shock absorbers in your car have an approximate life from brand new to 60-80,000km. Worn shocks mean the car won’t stop as quickly, and increase fuel consumption. We deal with all the major high quality shock absorbers – if you have a preference on brand just let us know.

These are rubber cylinders that try to level out the bumps in the road. Because they’re rubber they wear out over time. An easy fix to replace, but without them your steering wheel will pull firmly to one side.

Lowering a vehicle reduces its centre of gravity allowing you to corner better, reducing drag, and vastly improves its look. The car feels a lot more stable on the road – but if you go too low there can be problems scraping on speed bumps and driveways.
Sometimes you might want to raise the vehicle – usually your 4x4s and SUVs when towing the boat out or offroading. We have a great relationship with, Jamex, King, Dobi, and Cobra, and can get several other brands on request. Enquire Now and we’ll surely have a good option for your car.

Coil overs (Adjustable Suspension)
Aftermarket coils over your struts are installed by removing your factory shocks and springs entirely, and replacing with a significantly firmer setup that greatly improves traction. We install coilovers for people who want to push the boundaries of how big their wheels and tyres are, or want the ability to adjust the ride height down for special track or show events, but not scraping on kerbs during day to day driving.